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Orientation Property Wrapper in SwiftUI

Creating a custom property wrapper for managing orientation for single window on iPad

Automating App Store Publishing

Going from manually uploading builds to App Store to automating the process

for-in loops in Swift

Learn how to use for-in loops with examples in using arrays, range operators, dictionaries, and enums.

Using Extensions in Swift

This overview with examples shows how you can use extensions in Swift.

Unit Testing to the Rescue

Writing unit tests after a blunder of a release.

Experimenting with MusicKit for Swift - PlayParameters

Using PlayParameters and MPMusicPlayerPlayParameters

iOS Conferences & Meetups in January 2022

With another wave of the pandemic ruining in-person events, here are the list of remote conferences and meetups you can attend in January 2022

Creating a Custom Modal for iPad in SwiftUI

If you're not satisfied with the modal on iPad, time to create a custom one!

Color System in SwiftUI

Defining all the colors in one place for consistency and easily modifying them in the future

Hosting a Jekyll Theme on GitHub Pages

A step-by-step process to use GitHub Pages as your hosting provider for your Jekyll website.

Typography System in SwiftUI

Defining all the fonts in one place for consistency and easily modifying them in the future

Showing Large Title in Navigation Bar Conditionally

Looking at a peculiar case of showing the large title in the navigation bar conditionally

Adding Concurrency in Swift Package

Alternative methods to use the latest async-await syntax̱̱in a framework or Swift Package

Using the New iOS 15 DynamicTypeSize in SwiftUI

Make your text and views accessible for different font sizes

Fixing Animations in UI Tests

Disabling the animations while running UI tests to ensure no flakiness

App Roadmap Based on Feedback

Going through the user's feedback to understand what their needs are

Misery of Manual Builds

Wasting time by manually sending builds as a naive intern

Job Hunt of 2021

Experience in freelancing and getting a full-time job