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Exploring MusicKit: Audio Variants

Exploring the audio variants and how to show them in the app using MusicKit

Thoughts on MusicKit 2.0

Exploring the many new structures added in MusicKit 2.0

Using VStack and HStack with Zero Spacing

Provide explicit spacing to inner views inside your VStack and HStack by creating zero spacing stacks.

Exploring tvOS Development: Carousel

Creating a carousel header view using TabView and ScrollView

Using Postman to Explore Apple Music APIs

Use Postman to experiment and explore Apple Music APIs by generating the developer and user token for the headers.

Popular Open-Source iOS Projects to Understand a Scaled Codebase

Curating the list of popular open-source iOS projects

Exploring MusicKit for Swift: Genres

Get the genres of the current top charts or fetch it by its identifier

Exploring tvOS Development: Navigation

The difference between Navigation in iOS and tvOS

Exploring tvOS Development: CardButtonStyle

Applying a motion effect to the button when it is in focus

Exploring tvOS Development: Introduction

Creating a great app experience on the biggest screen.

Remotes iOS and macOS Meetups to Attend

Curating the list of remote meetups that you can attend from anywhere in the world

Using baselineOffset Modifier in SwiftUI

Adjust the text or image vertically according to the needs

DragGesture for fullScreenCover in SwiftUI

Adding a swipe down to dismiss on a full screen cover

Getting Started with QuoteKit

Add quotes in your app

Learning From Experiences

Failing again and again to get better at learning

Experimenting with MusicKit for Swift: Gradient Background

An attempt to add an animated gradient background similar to Apple Music

Using Open Graph in Swift

Get the Open Graph meta tags and display it in your app

Creating a framework in Swift

Frameworks are great for modularizing your code, breaking down reusable components into a separate bundle of code.