This page contains the books I’ve written and an update on the ones that I plan to write in the future.

Exploring MusicKit

I wrote this book to fill in the gap for the documentation, filled with examples so that you do not have to spend time experimenting yourself.

I hope this book provides value to you and your app, and you enjoy working with MusicKit and integrating Apple Music into your app!

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Internship Interview Notes for Apple

I interviewed with Apple twice, once in December 2019 and the second time around March 2020. I was rejected in the final round of the first attempt, cleared the latter interview, and successfully interned (remotely) with Apple Cupertino in July-Sept 2020.

This mini-book contains all the notes I made during both interviews. It contains resume grilling, behavioral, iOS related, and data structures and algorithms questions and how I tackled each section.

I hope you learn something from my notes and crack your next interview!

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Journey of Freelancing

I started my freelancing journey in May 2020 and worked with five different clients, ranging from India to the USA and Canada. Having a Twitter audience helped a lot to get work, and in this book, I’ll talk about my journey of freelancing.

  • Where to find clients on Twitter?
  • What should be the duration of the contract?
  • Should I charge monthly or hourly?
  • What if the clients don’t pay?
  • You’re at the right place if you can relate to these questions that wander in your mind.

Every chapter is accompanied by lessons learned, so you don’t waste your time making them and learn to make better choices yourselves.

I hope my efforts provide value to you and help you land your first client successfully!

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For 2022

From a Small Startup to the Fruit Company: Six Internship Experiences

WWDC Experience 2019

GSoC Experience 2019

Journey of Technical Writing

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