While I was buying the ticket for iOS Conf SG, I thought of curating about the Swift & iOS conferences and meet-ups every month. I plan to attend all the remote ones, and see if I can be available for the (rare) in-person conferences.

I’ll post in the first week of every month about the conferences and meetups that you can attend.

My approach to WWDC 2020 was watching the videos and creating a thread for some amazing screenshots from the sessions:

However, that approach didn’t work in the long run. For example, I know I watched the below session but if I want to make my app visually accessible, I’d have to go through the whole video again.

This year, now that I can type faster, I plan to write notes while watching the live videos themselves and have a copy of them. And if time permits, curate them and publish them for you to read.

So, let’s start with the list!

Mobile Flock - Chapter 3 (ONLINE) - 15th Jan

Mobile Flock was one of the best meetups I’ve spoken at in 2019 on Dynamic Type in iOS. It had a wonderful and cheerful audience, and the 45 minutes just flew by.

Now, they’re back with an online edition of the meetup. It comprises of three talks:

  • Powerful Layouts made Simple - UICompositionalLayout
  • First step towards Accessibility via 🗣 Voice
  • Securing iOS Apps (⚡️ Lightning Talk)

I’m looking forward to attending all the sessions online!

iOS Conf SG (ONLINE) - 17th Jan to 21st Jan

The largest iOS developer conference in Southeast Asia is the first one on the list to attend.

With two workshops scheduled on 17th and 18th January, it is a great time to find vulnerabilities in iOS apps and to do multi-platform development with SwiftUI.

There are nine talks both on the 20th and 21st of January.

From topics ranging from Swift Concurrency under the hood to why every developer should care about the environment, it’ll be an amazing conference to learn from.


If you know more conferences and meetups, please tag @rudrankriyam on Twitter! I’ll definitely update the list.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’re enjoying it!