I randomly stumbled upon the official Wikipedia iOS app while curating a list of projects that you can go through for better practices.

I realized that it is so cool that you can go through the codebase that serves hundreds of thousands of users, if not more. I tweeted about it and, surprisingly, got a great response on other projects out there.

This post curates a list of popular open-source iOS projects that you can go through and understand a scaled codebase.

Wikipedia iOS

Telegram iOS

WordPress for iOS

Signal iOS

Firefox for iOS

Wire iOS

DuckDuckGo iOS

Brave for iOS




There are a lot of popular open-source projects related to iOS development on GitHub and many more on other version control providers. Now that I am not a full-time iOS engineer anymore, I plan to explore, build, tinker through the codebase of these projects to understand how a scaled codebase works. And probably contribute to a few!

While this list is not exhaustive, please tag me on Twitter to update the list!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll enjoy going through the project!