Upcoming Posts

Upcoming Posts

This page is dedicated to upcoming posts that I’ll write about.


  • Working with fastlane
  • Sample App with Zoom SDK in SwiftUI
  • Protocols and Generics in Gradient Game
  • Designing a Spotify Client for Myself
  • Using SwiftUI in a WatchKit Project
  • Using the Accessibility Inspector in Xcode 12
  • Custom Stepper with Haptic Feedback in SwiftUI
  • Widgets in { some app of mine }
  • Creating a More/Settings Screen in SwiftUI [RRSettingsKit]
  • Creating an Onboarding Screen in SwiftUI [RROnboardingKit]
  • Realm and SwiftUI
  • Understanding Data Flow in SwiftUI [DONE, too lazy to edit]


  • 2020 for Me. [Wrote half but never completed]
  • Internship Experience with Apple
  • What I Learnt From Giving Talks in Meet-ups
  • Getting selected for an iOS project in Google Summer of Code 2019