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Type Safety for Interface Controller Identifiers in WatchKit

Enum and extensions for strongly code string identifiers

Playing With Combine- Grid Layout in SwiftUI

You might be aware of the fact that SwiftUI only supports a List, but nothing like a `collectionView` natively. I have been learning about Combine and thought of trying to implement something similar.

My Experience of Escaping the Tutorial Island

After following endless tutorials where an instructor types some random code on their machine and you copy it, you haven’t made much progress. You’ve been there, haven’t you?

Dynamic TabView in SwiftUI

Creating dynamic TabItem in SwiftUI

Custom Colors and Modifiers in SwiftUI

I switched to custom colors for the branding, which is inspired by the systemIndigo color from UIColor.

Creating an Apple-like Splash Screen in SwiftUI

A simple screen onboarding is important for your users to understand what your app is about, and what unique feature values their time.

Bombing My First Technical Interview

It was my first ever technical phone interview for the role of a software engineering internship. That too scheduled with Apple, Cupertino.

Adding a Tip Jar in SwiftUI Using RevenueCat

I wanted to play around with RevenueCat, and I figured creating a tip jar would be the perfect start.

Accessible SF Symbol Image in SwiftUI

SwiftUI doesn’t provide any initializer for `Image` to have the label as a parameter nor something to ignore it for accessibility purposes. So let’s create one!