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Highlights of SwiftUI Release 3

This year, Apple focused on supporting deeper adoption of the framework for our apps.

Understanding SwiftUI Grid Layout

Before they were introduced during Apple’s 2020 Worldwide Developer’s Conference, grids were among the most-desired features to be included in SwiftUI

Full time to Freelancing

A journey beyond the corporate job market

Learning to Stop Self Rejecting

Life changes after learning to stop self-rejecting

LazyVGrid and LazyHGrid Layouts in SwiftUI

LazyVGrid and LazyHGrid layouts in SwiftUI were recently announced during WWDC 2020, and I’m so excited to share with you a simple tutorial to get you started with them!

LeetCode- Internship Preparation Journey

I solved a few hundred questions on LeetCode in Swift for my internship preparation in my third year.

Dealing with Burnout During Internships

Burnout was something I didn't believe in until I had zero motivation to wake up in the morning and open Xcode.

What It Was Like to Win the Apple WWDC Scholarship in 2019

Subject- You’ve been awarded a WWDC19 Scholarship

Using WKInterfaceInlineMovie in SwiftUI or WatchKit

WKInterfaceInlineMovie that displays a video’s poster image and supports inline playing of the video.